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Sgudal/Litter Biodiversity Ar saoghal/Our World
Ella, Rebecca, Calum, Archie Niamh, Mairead, Eilidh, Rebecca, Lauren G, Anna Dougal, Hannah, Lauren H, Innes


Have a look at our aims for 2012-2013.


Eco Monsters  Eco Code
veryone help
Computers off
Off we go to work

Monsters can be Eco friendly
Off to clean our school and Planet
No dropping litter
Stop pollution
Time to help
Eco friendly world
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Save the Planet
Save the Planet
Save the Planet





After lunch we check the playground, with our janitor, Ginger. If there is too much litter we get a cross. If we get more than 3 crosses in a week, we don’t get our extended playtime on a Friday. This upsets everyone, including the teachers! We want our playground and corridors litter free.


Here is our litter poster



The garden club have been really busy developing the garden. Here is some information about all the interesting things you can find in the garden.

Beastie Hoose:  Wooden pallettes have been stacked and plants/twigs/bricks/bracken/old carpet added to create little houses for all sorts of insects – pull out and see what insects are there.

Butterfly Garden:  Added some plants to attract butterflies, attached painted butterflies on the fence and a butterfly that will fly when it is sunny enough using a mini solar panel.

Beach Garden: Near the compost bins we have created a small beach garden with stones and shells.

Animal Garden: Plants with animal names and some stepping stones (logs).  Feel the lambies lugs or zebra grass and watch out for the ladybird poppies which will flower soon.  Will add more signs to explain names (common and latin) and maybe a large storyboard.

Olympic Tyres: Filled with plants in the Olympic colours - we’ll change these into tyres for each school House after the Olympics are over.

Music/Sensory area:  Have added a tree xylophone.

Tree Spirits:  Fairy doors and clay tree spirits have been placed around the garden.  Hope to add some large toadstools.


Our World/Ar Saoghal


We have two bins in our classroom - A blue bin for recycling and a rubbish bin. Our eco-rep is repsonsible for taking our bin and puting it in the recycling bin outside.

We have compost bins too.

We want to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle our waste.





Naidheachdan Eag-Sgoile

 Minutes  and Agendas of Committee Meetings



Official opening of the schools's new playground equipement.

See our picture here too.