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*Holidays Dates - Session 2013/14*




27 August 2014NEWSLETTER 1

Newsletter 1 / Litir 1-  2014/2015

As another school session begins can I take this opportunity to welcome into the Portree Primary School family all those parents who are joining us for the first time. The continued success of our school relies heavily on the positive relationships that exist between pupils, staff, the parent body and the wider community.

As usual there will be lots happening throughout the year and the school will try to keep parents and the community up to date with what is happening through regular newsletters and through our school website which will be updated regularly.

Fàilte oirbh uile gu bliadhna ùr sgoile.  Tha sinn fìor thoilichte ur cuid chloinne fhaicinn air ais anns an sgoil agus bu toil leinn fàilte chridheil a chur air a’ chlann a tha a’ tòiseachadh as ùr.  Tha ceangal làidir againn an seo eadar pàrantan, clann, luch-obrach na sgoile agus an coimhearsnachd san fharsaingeachd.  Tha sinn a’ dèanamh ur dìcheall gus fiosrachdadh a’ sgaoileadh mun sgoil agus mu na tha a’ dol air adhart innte.

Distribution of Newsletters

The main method of circulating newsletters and other school information will once again be by email.  To this end it is essential that the school has all parents’ correct email addresses.  All families are asked to return the attached slip ASAP so all contact emails can be updated.

This newsletter, the first of the session will be sent out in paper form to all families. Subsequent newsletters will be emailed out.


Staffing Update

A list of all the staff currently working at the school is attached. There have been some changes since the end of the last school session and these changes are included in the updated list. Congratulations are  extended to Mrs MacDougall who got married over the summer and Mrs. MacDougall will now be known as Mrs Guidi.


Meet the Teacher Opportunity

To give parents the chance to get to know their child’s class teacher we would like to offer parents the opportunity to pop into class at the end of the school day on Tuesday 2nd September between 3.30pm and 4.30 pm. to meet class teachers.  This will be an informal session which will allow parents to put a name to the face, say hello and discuss any general issues.


School Roll 2014/2015

At the start of session the school roll including Sgoil Araich pupils stands at 322.  There are 173 pupils in the English Medium Department, 105 in the Gaelic Medium Department and 44 in Sgoil Araich.

 This is an increase in all departments, on last year’s roll.

It is also anticipated that more pre-school children will enrol, after both Xmas and Easter.


School Uniform

All pupils are expected to wear the prescribed school uniform which consists of dark or grey skirts and trousers, white polo-shirt and school sweatshirt.  Polo shirts and sweatshirts can be purchased from Aros at any time. If parents have problems purchasing items of school uniform it would be appreciated if they could pass this information onto the Parent Council.  A limited number of badges are also available from the school office for those parents who source other brands of sweatshirts.  Badges cost £1.50 each.

If parents use alternative suppliers, it would be appreciated if the sweatshirts bought, are identical in colour to the current school sweatshirts. Jeans are not to be worn as part of the school uniform and the wearing of football team colours of any kind for P.E. is prohibited.


Labelling of All School Clothing

Could parents please ensure that pupil’s names are clearly marked on all items of clothing. If clothing is clearly marked with a pupil’s name it can be returned to that child and the school will not have such a large stock of lost property.


School Meals

School meals are now priced at £1.95.  Parents who feel they may be eligible for free school meals are asked to contact the school office for an application form. Parents who were entitled to free meals last session also have to apply this session. The school has been told by the Catering Service, that if an application is not made pupils will not receive free school meals.

As you will be aware payment can also be made online for school meals in Portree Primary School. To carry this out parents will need details of their children’s SCN number.  If you do not already have this information, or you have any further queries concerning the Cashless Catering System, please phone the Catering Service on 01463 663340.

P1 teachers will send home information letters shortly which includes the SCN number for new pupils

Parents are encouraged to pay their child’s weekly dinner money on a Monday as this greatly helps canteen staff.  Pupils of P1 and P2 have their school lunches and packed lunches at 12.15pm each day.  P1 and P2 pupils who go home for lunch can be picked up from the school at 12.15pm.

In terms of paying for school meals, the cook in charge has asked parents to remember the following:

  • All cheques should have a pupil’s name and class on the back.
  • All envelopes with cash need to have pupil’s name and class on the outside.
  • All pupils should use the special school meals envelopes for paying for school meals.  Envelopes are available from outside the office at any time.


Healthy Snack Trolley

The snack trolley goes round classrooms on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and fruit and drinks and the occasional baking item can be purchased. Prices range from 15p- 30p.


Swimming Kit and Gym Pupils’ Timetable

It is very important that all pupils bring the correct kit on the correct day.

The table below shows when pupils will receive PE and Swimming lessons this session.


Swimming & PE Days







EM 1



Sgoil Araich


Mon & Fri

EM 2



GM 1



EM 3






EM 4



GM 3/4



EM 5/6



GM 5/6



EM 6



GM 6/7



EM 7







Family Information /Contact Information Update – Very Important

To enable the school to update pupils’ records, parents are asked to check carefully and update the record sheets which will be sent home shortly.  Please return the sheets to school as soon as possible. If no changes are needed the sheets should be returned marked, correct.  If sheets are not returned, the school will assume that the information we hold is still up to date.

It is very important that the school holds the most up to date information about all pupils and families so contact can easily be made with parents in case of any emergency.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Once again this year the school supported by parents and community members hopes to offer a wide variety of extra- curricular activities and we really appreciate the amount of time and effort our coaches and helpers devote to supporting these activities.  The Extra-Curricular Activities for this term will start on Monday 1 September and a timetable of the activities available will be sent home before this date.  A coaches’/ volunteers’ meeting will also be held on Wednesday 27th August at 7.00 p.m. in the school and all existing coaches and those involved in supporting activities are asked to attend. New volunteers are required so please come along to this meeting to ensure we can continue to provide our pupils with the same activities as we did last session and possibly some new activities. NEW HELPERS/ VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. Without volunteers pupils will not get the wide variety of activities we currently offer.


New Extra Curricular Music Activity After School on Fridays

After school music lessons Fridays 3.15- 4.15

Fee £1.00

Instruments taught- Whistle, Recorder, Acoustic / Electric Guitar, Cajon Drum/ Bodhran.

Contact Nan Cleghorn for more info 01470572338


Property Works Over the Summer

Over the summer break a new bio-mass heating system was installed at the school.  The new system will offer a more flexible heating option and will also improve the school’s carbon footprint.  As part of the news system a new bio-mass unit has also been installed at the back of the school.


Sgoil Araich Udates:

  • The new Sgoil Araich sessions times are: Session 1 – 4 year olds - 8.50am – 12.00noon and Session 2 – 3 year olds  - 12.20pm – 3.30pm
  • Sgoil Araich pupils will get Gym on a Monday and a Friday this session. All pupils should bring a pair of gym shoes to school which they can leave in Sgoil Araich for this purpose.
  • Parents are also asked to bring a full change of clothing that can be left in school in case of any accidents or spillages. As pupils also take part in weekly walks a jacket should be brought to all sessions.

A separate, start of session, Sgoil Araich newsletter will also be going out soon.


Car Parking and Children’s Safety 

Parents are asked to consider the health and safety implications of parking outside the school and turning their vehicles in and around the school entrance.  No cars should be parked in the bus lane or on the yellow zig -zag lines and the local Police have indicated that they will be keeping an eye on this.

Parents are also reminded that they should not enter the school car-park when dropping off pupils unless special permission has been given to do so.

With the change to Sgoil Araich hours it is important all car users act responsibly at all times.  As in previous years parents are asked to promote walking to school and if using a car, to park it at the drop off zone at the Community Centre. Pupils can then walk from the school to the drop off area.


Pupils Time of Arrival at School

Pupils should not arrive at school in the morning before 8.50am unless arrangements for a specific day have been agreed with the Head Teacher.


Parents and Adults in the Playground

Apart from P1 parents, who for the first week may wish to accompany their children to the lines, no other adults should be in the playground at the beginning or end of the school day.  Having an unfamiliar face in the playground can be unsettling for children.


Use of School/Home Diaries

All pupils have school diaries which they are expected to use.  At all stages these diaries are used as home school diaries to communicate with parents and to pass on home/school information.  This session it is hoped that staff, pupils and parents will use and check diaries more regularly and use them more effectively. As last year all important information from home and school should be communicated through the school diaries and teachers and members of the Senior Management Team will monitor regularly how effectively diaries are used.  The cost of purchasing school diaries continues to rise and if pupils lose a dairy, they will have to pay for a replacement. The cost of this will be £4.00.


Piping and Strings Instruction – New Pupils

At this time of the year our instructors recruit a limited number of new pupils to fill any vacancies in their timetables.  Any parents of pupils in P4 and P5 who would like their child to be considered for instruction should send a letter to the school indicating an interest immediately and no later than Friday 29th August.  Once this has been done, an information leaflet will be sent home and thereafter, instructors will hold auditions to select the pupils who will receive tuition.


Holidays Out-With School Holiday Dates

Parents are reminded that taking children off school for holidays is not recommended. Parents should remember that when it does happen, children will be credited with having an unauthorised absence.


Parents Informing School of Pupil Absence

If pupils are absent on a particular day, it would be appreciated if parents could phone the school between 9.00a.m. and 9.30a.m. to inform the school of any absences.  All schools in Highland are expected to monitor pupil absence to ensure the safety of all pupils.


P1 Attendance at School

From Monday 1st  September, all P1 and GM1 pupils will attend school for the full day 9.15am – 3.15pm.  An information/ discussion meeting for parents will be held on Thursday 28th August – a letter about this will be sent home by class teachers.


Royal Foundings Concert – Friday 29th August – 7.00pm – The Venue – Portree High School

Last session the school pupils were involved as part of their PSD  programme in working with the Royal Rockstars. The Rock Band, Royal Foundings who are linked to the Rockstars programme are performing a concert on Friday 29th August at Portree High School and pupils and parents are welcome to attend.  Entry to the concert is free.  For additional information please contact Gary Wilson 07777641570.


Playing on the School MUGA After School

Many pupils choose to play football on the school MUGA after school which school staff, are happy to encourage.  If pupils do play here they are expected to behave in an appropriate manner otherwise they will be banned from using this facility after 3.15pm.  The school accepts no responsibility for any fights, fall outs or disputes that happen after school but, school staff can ask individuals to leave the MUGA if they are concerned about their behaviour.


Crossing Patroller Update

Following the resignation of our Crossing Patroller, the job was advertised over the summer with a very poor response to the advert.  The job will be advertised again shortly and hopefully and appointment will be made this term.  Until then Mrs Cowie and other staff members will undertake the role as regularly as possible in the morning and after school.  There will be no provision at lunch times.


Dyslexia Scotland Coming to Portree 28th August

Do you have any questions about Dyslexia? Do you want to find out more about Dyslexia?

The Dyslexia Scotland mobile unit will be in Portree, on 28th August, at the following venues.

Portree High School – 11.00am – 1.00pm     Portree Primary School – 1.15pm – 3.00pm      Portree College – 3.15pm – 5.00pm



Senior Management team

Head Teacher                                        Mr John Finlayson

Depute Head Teacher                          Mrs Flora Guidi

Principal Teacher                                  Mrs. Shona Nicolson


English Medium Teaching Staff

Mrs Shona Nicolson                                                                                  P1

Mrs Jessie Templeman/Mrs Marilyn Chambers                              P2

Mrs Marion MacAskill                                                                       P3

Miss Gail Tennant                                                                             P4

Miss Neilian Mackenzie                                                                    P5/6

Mrs Katie Martin/Mrs Lynn Strachan                                               P6

Mrs Kirsty Grant                                                                                P7


Support for Learning Teachers

Mrs Morag Murray

Mrs Anne Martin (GM)

Mrs Sarah Marshall

Mrs Lynn Strachan


Gaelic Medium Teaching Staff

Mrs Kenna MacDonald                                                                       GM1

Mrs Lynsey Finlayson                                                                         GM1/2

Mrs Flora Guidi                                                                                  GM3/4

Mrs Marleen MacDonald/Mrs Shona MacDonald                             GM5/6       

Miss Ann MacLeod                                                                             GM7


CCR and Management

Mr John Mackenzie

Mrs Marilyn Chambers

Mrs Alice MacVicar

Mrs Christine MacLeod


Tutors and Instructors

Swimming                                                                                          Pool Staff

Strings Instructor                                                                                 Mrs Jenny Wychrij

Piping Instructor                                                                                 Mr Ian Ruari Finlayson

Gaelic Singing Instructor                                                                   Mrs Kirsteen Graham


Non-Teaching Staff

Janitor and Playground Supervisor                                                    Mr Donald Gillies

Clerical Assistants                                                                              Mrs Morag Mackay/Mrs Maggie Cowie

Early Year’s Practitioner’s                                                                 Mrs Tini Daughtrey/Mrs Mary MacDougall

                                                                                                           Mrs Elizabeth MacDonald, Ms Katie White, Miss Jessica Latton


Pupil Support Assistants

                                   Mrs Chrissie MacLeod, Mrs Ann MacAuley, Mrs Marion Colven, Mrs Maggie Cowie, Mrs Janice MacDonald, Mrs May Stewart, Mrs Catriona Beaton, Mrs Elizabeth MacDonald, Mrs Isobel MacDonald, Mrs Ann Galloway, Mrs Marie MacDonald, Mrs Julie MacLean, Mrs Marion MacPherson, Mrs Yvonne Bowditch, Mrs Kathleen MacLean, Mrs Hayley Maclennan


Crossing Patroller                                                                               Vacancy

Playground Supervisor                                                                       Mrs Hayley MacLennan

Dining Room Supervisor                                                                    Mrs Ishbel MacLeod

Cook in Charge                                                                                   Mrs Barbara Stevenson

Kitchen Assistants                                                                             Catriona Beaton, Carol Lamont, Phyllis Stoddart, Dianne Nicolson


Cleaners                                                                                             Mrs Lorraine Campbell, Miss Carol Lamont, Mrs Angie Cardiff                                                                                                                                                                    




Holiday Dates 2014/2015





Session begins staff

Session begins pupils


Monday 18 August 2014

Tuesday 19 August 2014


October Holiday

Friday 10 October

Monday 27 October (staff)

Tuesday 22 October (pupils)

Christmas Holiday

Friday 19 December 2014

Monday 5 January 2015


Mid Term

Friday 13 February 2015

Wednesday 18 February (staff)

Thursday 19 February (pupils)

Easter Holiday

Thursday 2 April 2015

Monday 20 April 2015


May Holiday

Monday 4 May 2015



Session Ends

Thursday 2 July 2015








Monday 18 August


Tuesday 19 August – Sgoil Araich Additional Day


Thursday 25 September


Friday 26 September


 Monday 27 October – School Additional Day


Wednesday 18 February 2015


Monday 1 June 2015







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